WOMADelaide KidZone Workshops

Carclew is committed to providing vibrant and culturally diverse creative experiences for young people. Each year at WOMADelaide, Carclew offers an exciting program of creative activities for KidZone, which aim to encourage artistic talent and global understanding.

Carclew returns to WOMAD KidZone on Saturday 12, Sunday 13 and Monday 14 March 2016 with a program that will take you around the world.

Workshops are offered free of charge, are one hour in duration and start at 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4pm and 5:15 daily. Bookings are essential and can only be made on the day from 12pm.


Mayan Dreams (Mexico) | Artist:  Hanah Williams

Mexico is a country built on layers of history; from ancient Mayan cities, Spanish colonial architecture and brightly coloured modern homes.  It is a land of strong colours and strong traditions - at any time of year and especially during holidays the streets are lined with coloured flags.In this workshop you will handprint a story onto coloured paper flags with imagery inspired byMexican culture.


Kaleidoscope World (Global) | Artist:   Heidi Kenyon

See the world through different colours and angles – shake and roll your very own kaleidoscope and watch the world change before your eyes. In this workshop you’ll use natural and recycled materials to make your own tube full of magic colours and wonder and then decorate the outside of it to make an utterly unique kaleidoscope to take away.


Carnival Masks (Italy) | Artist:   Jess Pierce

A mask is a must at any Italian Carnival, festival or street parade.  Make and decorate your own Italian mask - adorn it with a variety of materials to create a masterpiece.  Your mask will then be placed on a stick to hold up or finished with elastic to wear and parade at Womad.


String it Up (Africa) | Artist:   Jessamy Pollock

Discover the beautiful creatures of the African continent and incorporate them into your own custom made necklace to take away and wear for the rest of the Womad festival.  In this workshop, you will string together animals and ornaments to create a truly unique and beautiful piece of wearable art.


Dot Painting (Australia) | Artist:   Allen Sumner

Dot painting was popularised during the Papunya art movement of the 1970’s to become an important part of Australian Aboriginal art. Adelaide based Aboriginal artist Allen Sumner will share the practices of this fascinating art form before helping you design and paint your own piece of art.


Dream Baskets (Global Recycling) | Artist:   Lizzy Emery

Baskets not only hold ‘stuff’, they can also hold cultural meaning, values, dreams and desires: they can tell stories about who we are and what we believe.  In this workshop, you will learn a range of techniques such as coiling, weaving, twining and stitching recycled materials to create your own dream basket which tells a story about your hopes and dreams for the future of the planet.


The World Has Music (Global) | Artist:   Emma Knights

Oh no!  Our instruments have been lost in transit and we need to make some new ones!  To make sure the show goes on you will create an instrument from Africa, Asia, India, Spain or Egypt. You’ll keep your instrument and be able to make your own music, from anywhere in the world.


Volantinismo (Chile) | Artist:   Tatiana Arellano

Chile is renowned for paper kite making in their national colours, red, blue and white, especially around their Independence Day.  In this workshop you will make your own volantin, a Chilean style kite, using simple bamboo sticks, glue and tissue paper, decorated how you wish.


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