WOMADelaide KidZone Workshops

Carclew is committed to providing vibrant and culturally diverse creative experiences for young people. Each year at WOMADelaide, Carclew offers an exciting program of creative activities for KidZone, which aim to encourage artistic talent and global understanding.

Carclew returns to WOMAD KidZone on Saturday 7, Sunday 8 and Monday 9 March 2015 with a program that will take you around the world.

Workshops are offered free of charge, are one hour in duration and start at 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4pm and 5:15 daily. Bookings are essential and can only be made on the day from 12pm.

Each day a combination of four of the following workshops will be offered:

Wishing Lanterns (China) | Artist: Zhao Liang
In China, people write wishes on floating lanterns that are released into the sky and float like small hot air balloons. In this workshop, learn how to write traditional characters using the age old practice of calligraphy. You will create a lantern which will be decorated with characters and your wishes, as well as painted with your very own watercolour designs. Once you have constructed your lantern you can string it up for display.

Guatemalan Figures (South America) | Artist: Tatiana Arellano
We all get worried from time to time. But they say that a problem shared is a problem halved. As the people of Guatemala did, create a set of worry dolls to tell your worries at night. Create your figures out of pegs, wool, pipe cleaners and materials, then tuck them under your pillow and dream away the worries.

Paper and Plastic Chandeliers (Poland) | Artist: Patricia Wise
Mobiles are used in Poland to bring beauty and joy to the home. They are made from straw paper and string, blending neutral tones with bright and vibrant colours. Create your own mobile using paper, card and plastic straws to create flowers and shapes that are strung together to make your own chandelier. Hang your bold and beautiful creation up at home for everyone to see.

Candy Skull Masks (Mexico) | Artist: Jennifer Ahrens
The Day of the Dead festival has become popular across the globe, and the first thing that comes to mind is bright and colourfully decorated skulls. During the festival, candy skulls are made from sugar and vegetable dyes, and are used as decorations. In this workshop, you will create your very own candy skull mask. Formed from card and brightened with Mexican designs, iconic paper flowers, or a colourful sombrero, you’re sure to look fantastic at any fiesta.

Fish Wind Socks (Japan) | Artist: Emelia Williams
Learn how to make colourful fish wind socks used in the Japanese festival, Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day). Each year Koinobori, or carp kites, are displayed with each carp representing a different member of the family. Using paper, feathers and streamers you will create a collection of colourful Koinobori that represents your very own family.

Miniature Worlds (Global) | Artist: Jessamy Pollock
Imagine you are less than a centimetre tall. Where would you live? In this workshop you will be asked to shrink down within your imagination and create a home for your miniature self. Think about the world you live in and create an environment which reflects your culture, yourself and your home, whilst exercising your imagination to make your world colourful and abstract.

Quirky Crowns (Sweden) | Artist: Ting Adolphus
In parts of Sweden where there used to be no flowers in the winters, people would create crowns called ‘Brudkrona’s’ for weddings, using whatever materials they had available such as paper, wire and cloth to create flowers and decorations. In this workshop, you will create your own quirky crown using cloth, buttons, bottle lids, paper and wire.

Spinning Poi (New Zealand) | Artist: Bethany Ashley-Ward
Poi originates from the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). The word poi means 'ball' on a cord. For many years poi was used for dance, to improve flexibility and strength in hands and arms, and for balance and coordination. Today it has been adapted in contemporary ways and is a popular choice in circus. Make your own unique set of poi using yarn, newspaper and fabric, ta moko stencils or create your own unique design.

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